Open Source

Downloading the Source
SellWin can be downloaded from the SourceForge project site at http://sourceforge.net/projects/sellwincrm.  Once there, look for the Latest File Releases section to see the files that can be downloaded.

Test Drive the Applet
SellWin's GUI can be downloaded as an Applet if your browser is capable of viewing Java Swing Applets.  For details on how to download and configure your browser see http://java.sun.com/getjava/download.html.  After you have installed the Java JVM into your browser, click here to download and run the SellWin Applet.  The applet version of SellWin provides only a minimal amount of functionality.  The trial version password is the word trial.

Installation Instructions
SellWin can be installed using the instructions at http://sellwincrm.sourceforge.net/Installation.html

Documentation Download
SellWin's documentation currently consists of a Users Manual, Wireless Users Manual, and Javadoc programming documentation.  These can be downloaded from the SourceForge project site.