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In the Next Release!!
  • DB2/UDB support on the server
  • web site revision
  • applet capability for the Swing client

Release 1.1 - October 2, 2002
This is a major release for SellWin.  It took longer than expected but I think it was worth the wait.

This release fix incorporates for the first time a wireless (MIDP) client into the SellWin
architecture.  This interface is written using the Java Wireless Toolkit.  This will enable
sales people to look up opportunity and customer information via their phone or PDA.

The wireless application communicates with the SellWin server via servlets over a
standard HTTP connection.  XML messages make up the wireless protocol.  There is a
special EJB component that services the wireless application users.  The wireless
servlets are deployed as a WAR file.  XML processing is handled by the kxml2 package
(see http://kxml.org for source code).

Also included in this release is a first draft of a Users Manual.  This manual shows the various
Swing client functions and offers some help and explaination about the various screen
options and navigation.

As is typically the case, there were several bug fixes :^))  enjoy!

SellWin 1.0.6 - August 29, 2002
This release fixes a bug in the run_sellwin.bat script, it did not include all
of the JBoss client JAR files in the classpath.  Also, related to this bug, I
did not include all of the JBoss client jar files in the client bundle, this was causing the
client to not connect to the JBoss server in "connected" mode.

I added some logic to the server to handle MYSQL as the server database.  Users
can not specify a system property in the JBoss startup 'run.sh' script which will
tell the SellWin server which database to work with.  By adding "-DDBTYPE=MYSQL",
a server will assume they are talking to a MYSQL database.